About Me

Mini-MeMy name is Kristine Michelle Howard and I'm a thirtysomething American-Australian currently residing in Sydney, Australia. I grew up amongst the cornfields of northeast Indiana, USA and got my degree from Notre Dame. During my junior year, I spent a semester abroad in London and I liked it so much that I went back after graduation. That's where I met my partner Rodd Snook (aka Snookums, the Snook). We moved to Sydney in 2001 and got married in 2004. I got my dual citizenship in 2006. We have two very silly cats and spend way too much time on the Internet.

Over the years we've had lots of adventures. We've been to EuroDisney, Singapore, Scotland, Oxford, Dublin, Los Angeles, Boston, London, several cities in Italy, Dubbo, Melbourne, Las Vegas, and San Francisco. We've hosted a lot of awesome Halloween parties. One time, we made a turducken. We went to Space Camp for Grownups. We ate at one of the world's best restaurants. We got married in Vegas and Elvis walked me down the aisle. We had dinner with two Iron Chefs. We've won awards for beer and knitting. We ran the City 2 Surf three times in a row. We bought a house. We camped under the stars and hiked around Uluru (Ayers Rock). We posed naked in front of the Sydney Opera House with more than 5000 other Australians.

Stay tuned for our next adventure...

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