November 15, 2001

This is it, folks. Boudicca (my lovely iMac) is leaving me to find a new home with my friend Kingsley. Not only that, but the Snook's computers will be packed up for the shippers tomorrow. As a result I shall be without access to the Internet until we fly home next week and I can pick up my new iBook. A frightening proposition, isn't it? I haven't gone cold turkey on the Internet in seven years. Wish me luck, and I'll see you next week.


poo! how will i procrastinate without you, w-g?

best of luck and try to enjoy the time away!
» brigita on November 15, 2001

Awww! We will miss you!

Safe travels, and good luck.
» Tara D. on November 15, 2001

No computer? No internet access? You have my deepest sympathies for your loss... :-)

Have a safe journey, and make sure you have a week's-worth of weblog entries ready for when you get back online. I mean, how will you ever persuade your loyal readers to pay you a penny a page view for your site if you don't update regularly? ;-)

» John on November 15, 2001

Good luck Kris!

Keep in touch, I'll be back blogging soon...
» Jann on November 15, 2001

when do you leave, howie? also, check this out:
» KMac on November 15, 2001

I'm going to miss you...*sniff*...Come back to the 'net soon, ok? Happy Thanksgiving, and have a safe trip. Byeeee.
» Kristen on November 17, 2001

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