November 22, 2001

Just checking in! We made it to America and now we're sitting at my aunt's house watching the Macy's Parade. Security on the international flight was actually pretty lax; other than a dog sniffing me there didn't seem to be much out of the ordinary. My sister claims that domestic flights are much worse, so we'll see how that goes when we take off for L.A. next week. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Glad to see you made the journey home safely. Boudicca says hi - she's all up and networked - and whirring as I type. Have a safe journey to Oz
» Kingsley on November 22, 2001

Aww! Tell her I miss her. (But don't mention that I'm having lots of fun with her little sister.) :)
» Kris on November 24, 2001

hey, what's your home phone number? email me with it - i can call you tomorrow (free weekend minutes) and we can talk about LA and such...
» KMac on November 25, 2001

i love you
» Anonymous on November 28, 2001

i love to swallow
» Anonymous on November 28, 2001

Oh, boy. The weirdos are out in force.
» Moire on November 28, 2001

Yeah. I'd delete it but it's much more fun to name and shame. Don't people realize that I record their IP addresses for just such occasions? This idiot evidently gets his network connection from the Albany Schoharie Schenectady Board of Cooperative Education Services. If he continues abusing my website, I'll drop an e-mail to their webmaster and get him blocked. Don't mess with me, bitches! :)
» Kris on November 29, 2001

Kickass, woman! You tell 'em!
» Moire on November 30, 2001

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