Thursday, November 29, 2001

One more flight to go!
Well, we made it out of Indiana and safely to Los Angeles, though we seem to have brought the crappy weather with us. As usual, the stress of traveling has killed my immune system and I'm suffering from the nastiest of colds. Thank God for Nyquil. Anyway, tonight the Snook and I board our last plane for the long haul - 16 hours to Sydney. I'll probably be lynched long before that though, by a gang of passengers incensed by my hacking cough. Next time you hear from me, I'll no longer be a resident of the Northern Hemisphere. Hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving!

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bon voyage, goddess!
» brigita [www] » 2001-11-30 12:53:11
yeah, umm, i made it safely to l.a. too, kris, thanks for askin'! i looked for you buttfaces at international departures in lax thursday on the way to get my baggage, but no dice. i decided i might as well accost you via a public forum, since you chose not to respond to my email yet...and wish you guys good luck. you'll have to change your im username to "KrisinSydney" now, but i'm sure you already thought of that. hey, maybe you could also fiddle around with your site design a bit once you get there, since you won't have much else to do. i'm kinda bored of this one. :)

anyway, let me know what you guys get up to once you're settled in and all that. already here i'm continuing in that ol' familiar initial trend of getting on the wrong buses and also walking for miles in the wrong direction (when i try to guage east or west by where the sun sets - it never works.) i'll have more blisters on my feet and a bruised ego when i trek to my next 2 interviews on monday. wish me luck!

(god, i'm po again, kenny...don't tell mom!)
» Amy » 2001-12-02 04:31:30
Hey... e-mail? I didn't get any e-mail from you. Where'd you send it?

Anyhoo, we were probably in line for Security at LAX. Just to give you an idea, we got there three hours before our flight and made it to the gate with only ten minutes to spare. That sucked. Snookums got searched as usual (he's got "Terrorist" stamped on his forehead, I guess), but we eventually made it through no problem. Sorry we missed you.

I actually liked L.A. We didn't get to see much (I had a cold and it rained all Thursday morning), but Liz and Kel took us to the highlights Wednesday. I have some nice pictures of me and the Snook out at the Observatory (the one from "Rebel Without a Cause" and the Paula Abdul "Rush Rush" video) with the Hollywood sign in the back. You'll have to look up Liz and Kel. Liz is in Santa Monica and Kel isn't far from the airport.

Anyway, I sent y'all an e-mail with an update. That's all from me; I'm gonna take a nap. Keep in touch, Kenny.
» Kris [www] » 2001-12-03 05:25:08
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