Sunday, May 5, 2002

Holy crap! Gretel was just getting ready to announce this week's Big Brother evictee when the whole Channel 10 feed went black. No sound, no picture. It came back ten seconds later just in time for us to catch Aaron picking up his bags. (Good riddance, asshole.) But man! Somebody's going to lose their job over that one. Or maybe it was industrial sabotage? The timing of it couldn't have been worse. I love this show.

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I didn't see it, but was the blackout anything to do with the streaker who apparently broke into the house?
» Claire [www] » 2002-05-05 23:55:08
Ah, no, the streaker was right at the beginning of the show. I guess he jumped up onstage and dived onto the couch. I wasn't watching but Snookums caught it. He yelled for me to look, but as soon as it happened Gretel moved away and the camera focused on her, so we didn't get to see the security guys jumping on him in the background. Nah, the blackout happened an hour later when they did the eviction. When it came back afterwards on Gretel referred to the "satellite going down", whatever that means. I still think the timing of it was diabolical.

You know, I like the show and all, but the production values of this one have sucked overall. Numerous times they've lost picture or sound, or Gretel will try to contact the house from the studio and fail. This is the second series. They should have these bugs ironed out. (Except for streakers, I guess, who are rather difficult to anticipate.)
» Kris [www] » 2002-05-06 00:58:18
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