July 1, 2002

Roger Ebert has become a full-fledged fight prognosticator. This time he's assessing Batman versus Shaft. Is there anything this man can't do? :)


What? Ebert is crazy. Batman rocks, especially if we're talking about the Animated Series Batman, or the comic book Batman.

Shaft is just some guy with a gun, fighting crime and gettin' down with fly ladies. Bruce Wayne is an angsty millionaire, a master of the martial arts, and he has lots and lots of kickass toys with which to assist him in fighting crime. I think Bruce Wayne wins by a longshot.
» Moire on July 2, 2002

Yeah, but remember in the first Batman movie, where the Joker was able to bring down the Batwing with one frickin' shot? And the Joker might have ended up winning the fight if Vicki Vale hadn't been there to distract him. I'm just sayin'.
» Kris on July 2, 2002

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