Wednesday, July 10, 2002

Birthday shout-outs all around! I'm just gonna do one big post to cover everybody. Happy birthday to...Whew! Did I miss anyone? All my friends are Cancers or Virgos, I swear. I'm gonna go bankrupt buying presents for you all!

thank you! :o)

27 is working out well for me so far.
» Kristen [www] » 2002-07-11 15:37:21
Thanks, Kris...Cancers rule! (Um, I mean the astrological sign, not the disease or anything. Damn, that didn't come out right at all... :-) )
» Max [www] » 2002-07-12 02:31:35
Thanks, Hows! But, there's no need for presents! I get to read you every day, goshdarnit, isn't that enough? ;)
» TD [www] » 2002-07-12 05:30:32
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