Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Cecil answers the age-old question: "Where does belly button lint come from?" Of course, this still doesn't solve the mystery of how the Snook's navel generates more lint than any other human being in history. (We're talkin' alien lint babies here, folks.)

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Wow, you know I don't even get any lint. I'm lint-less:(
» Claire [www] » 2002-07-23 18:21:00
Me too! And I'm way chubbier than him. I figured I'd get more since my belly button is, like, deeper. But I think with boys it has to do with all the hair.
» Kris [www] » 2002-07-23 20:24:21
There was once this guy on Jay Leno who collected belly button lint (he was from Australia too, how disturbing) and he noticed that when he bought new bathroom towels, the colour of his lint changed. It was so disgusting, he kept it in a jar and even collected his 'daily sample' right there in the studio. *shudder*
» Claire [www] » 2002-07-24 12:04:07
Where'd you see Jay Leno? He's not on telly here now, is he?
» Kris [www] » 2002-07-24 12:14:50
Sorry Kris, only on cable!! Comedy Channel, Foxtel. It's got all the 'not good enough to make it to free-to-air-TV' shows like Conan, Leno, etc.
» Claire [www] » 2002-07-24 18:52:32
Oh, I couldn't care less about Leno. I never liked him. I could definitely go for some Conan O'Brien, though. I miss Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. :(
» Kris [www] » 2002-07-24 20:18:00
Hey, now, I like Leno. I think he's great... FOR ME TO POOP ON!
» Moire [www] » 2002-07-25 03:01:43
because it bears repeating, behold Triumph and the Herd of Star Wars Nerds (their title, not mine).
» brigita [www] » 2002-07-25 06:53:43
because it bears repeating, behold Triumph and the Herd of Star Wars Nerds (their title, not mine).
» brigita [www] » 2002-07-25 07:04:19
» brigita [www] » 2002-07-25 07:04:29
Moire - You just made me laugh out loud. That's the best calming influence I've had all morning. Thanks. :)
» Kris [www] » 2002-07-25 08:26:53
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