July 23, 2002

I feel pretty bad looking at all the unsuccessful searches that led people to my site. All those disappointed people! I mean, I don't know if Anna Kournikova is ovulating. Nor do I know a website hack for Weight Watchers. But I can answer one question: Where's Russell Crowe's farm located? It's in Lowana, near Coffs Harbour in New South Wales. See? I'm all about helping you folks out whenever possible.


Uh? How come "Anna Kournikova is ovulating" got to you site? Well now it will as mentioned twice but how before?
» martin on July 23, 2002

Click on the link, man! I'm the #2 result! Apparently in one month I mentioned all those words. *shrug* That's Google for ya.
» Kris on July 23, 2002

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