March 5, 2003

Gross. And did I mention that I'm staying home today because I'm still sick? Yep, this damn bug is now three weeks old. I managed to evict it from my throat and it set up shop in my lungs. I was up all night coughing and horking up nastiness. In the immortal words of Xander, "Mix in a little rectal surgery, and it's my best day ever!"

Update: Well, I'm back from my fourth doctor's visit in three weeks. I'm on yet another round of antibiotics, as well as stuffing myself with Vitamin C and Primrose Oil. The whole time she was talking to me I kept thinking about Max's fascination with flesh-eating virii, and I swear I was thisclose to asking her if I could get tested for Ebola. :)


Kris - Somethings not right - I think you should get this seen to properly. -Jeremy
» Anonymous on March 6, 2003

The phrase "Walking Pneumonia" wasn't mentioned, was it? Take care of yourself, woman, and get well soon!
» Moire on March 6, 2003

Ack! I hope you feel better soon; I'm glad that they didn't take your tonsils out.
» Tricia on March 6, 2003

Jeremy, "properly"? I went to the doctor! What would you have me do? It's not like I'm trying to kill it with chicken soup and moonshine.
» Kris on March 6, 2003

» brigita on March 6, 2003

Actually, like three people have told me to gargle with Scotch. I actually tried it last week. Too bad I think the stuff's nasty...
» Kris on March 6, 2003

Could it be anything to do with the Atkins diet? They say it's pretty dangerous.
» Anonymous on March 6, 2003

The dangerous thing is a MYTH. See here. We Atkins dieters are always debunking this stuff. Are you suggesting that losing forty pounds has made me LESS healthy?? :)
» Kris on March 6, 2003

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