Tuesday, March 11, 2003

For the most part, the Snook and I are so similar that I just kinda forget that we grew up in different countries. Every now and then, though, I make a startling discovery, like the fact that he's never eaten Kraft Macaroni and Cheese before. How weird is that? Luckily the box my Aunt Deb sent me for Christmas made it through quarantine, so I was able to initiate him into the realm of crap budget pasta dishes tonight. It was just inconceivable to me that he'd never experienced the joys of elbow macaroni and day-glo orange cheese powder before. I'm happy to report that - though he initially thought it had a "strange aftertaste" - he quickly wolfed down his portion. Another bridge crossed...

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Wait until Cindys package arrives, No food really to speak of but I believe theres something in there for him as well.
» rdh » 2003-03-12 00:03:49
Bah. Velveta Shells & Cheese is so much better, I say! ;)
» Moire [www] » 2003-03-12 04:16:42
We've always made our macaroni and cheese from scratch (okay, the pasta we buy) so I guess I'm a virgin too :(

That said, one thing which no one outside our family seems to do (you should try it at least once 'cos it's scrummy!) is to take a deep baking/casserole dish, fill it 1" deep with your best, richest bolognese sauce (cooked), pour over double that depth of macaroni and cheese, grate generous amounts of cheddar over the top, then grill till browned and crisp.

It's GORGEOUS... and very low in calories ;) Boy, am I hungry now :(
» Alastair » 2003-03-12 05:27:26
Oh, it definitely is, Moire. But you have to have tasted the Kraft version to make that comparison. :)

I might try it out someday, Alastair, after I get down to my target weight. For now, pasta is strictly forbidden on the Atkins plan. We only had it last night since I didn't want to throw out a Christmas present (and I'll use any excuse to eat American junk food).
» Kris [www] » 2003-03-12 07:33:17
is it any different to Oz's version of boxed macaroni and cheese? i remember that was a childhood favourite - although my brother liked the one that had the bacon bits in it (ugh), and then there was the deluxe one with the cheese in a can. now i feel kind of gross...
» orangecat [www] » 2003-03-12 11:33:24
Actually that sounds a lot like it, orangecat. I was talking to my Aussie friend Kevin this morning and he also thought you could get it here. So maybe it's just that the Snook's hippie parents (yes, you Bev!) never fed him crap food. :)
» Kris [www] » 2003-03-12 12:54:47
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