March 22, 2003

What does "Look between the huge melons" mean to you? Anyone? Anyone? A million points and tons of respect if you know the reference.


Midnight Madness? Except that was "Look between the two giant melons" I think.
» miftik on March 23, 2003

EXACTLY! I bought that movie for TWO DOLLARS yesterday at our local video store's clearance sale. I couldn't believe it. I've never ever seen a copy available before. I made the Snook watch it last night and he enjoyed it. Now I just have to convince him that we should set up a game for all our friends here in Sydney. :)
» Kris on March 23, 2003

Wow; I remember that movie, but have never seen a copy of the video, either (not that I really tried that hard). Classic!
» Tricia on March 24, 2003

I've only seen it for sale once, when an old video store was going out of business. I only remembered it because Michael J. Fox was in it and I had a friend that was obsessed with him, so she got it.
» miftik on March 24, 2003

alas, kris, i am just a little bit cooler than you today - MM has been in my video collection for years now! adam is fine.
» aim on March 25, 2003

WHAT? Where the hell did you find it?
» Kris on March 25, 2003

i ordered it freshman year from columbia house or some shit - that's where i got all my 80's movies.
» aim on March 26, 2003

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