November 20, 2005

Happy Anniversary

Snookums and me, year oneHappy anniversary, Snookums
One year ago today - well, give or take the time difference - the Snook and I stood in a little white wedding chapel in Las Vegas and promised to be each other's best friend forever, in the presence of Elvis, Reverend Ron, and all our friends and family watching on the Internet. To be honest, not a lot has changed for us in the interim. My ratio of referring to him as "husband" rather than "boyfriend" has gone up, but I still slip up occasionally. We're the same Kris and Snook as always... but every now and then, I remember how special it was and how amazing it felt to share our relationship with all the people we care about. I wish everybody could have that. In less abstract terms, we celebrated tonight at Tabou on Crown Street in Surry Hills. It was this year's Good Food Guide Editor's Pick for Favourite French Bistro. MON DIEU, IT WAS GOOD. The Snook started with the rabbit terrine (very Fat Ladies), while I had the cheese souffle (sooo delectable I'd eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner). For mains the Snook had the veal en croute, while I had the pork loin (pictured here). I finished with a Bombe Alaska while the Snook had a prune and almond tart. It was seriously good food, without being as imposing or "art-for-art's-sake" as Tetsuya's. I could definitely go back there again.

And in a special nod to the folks back at Netdecisions, the wine we drank tonight was a bottle of 7-year-old Cabernet Sauvignon... that just so happened to be the very first bottle ever purchased on Mad About Wine. MAW was the first project the Snook and I worked on at ND, and the occasion of our meeting...


Wow, has it really been a year?? Happy anniversary, you guys (and many more to come)!
» Niffler on November 20, 2005

Aww, happy anniversary!
» Nora on November 21, 2005

congrat you two!
» amy on November 21, 2005

» Mia on November 21, 2005

Congratulations from Kate and I all the way from Quito, Ecuador. We will raise a glass or two.
» Steve on November 21, 2005

Huge congratulations--here's to decades more!
» Max on November 21, 2005

Happy anniversary!
» Kristine S. on November 21, 2005

Congrats! Seems like only yesterday, doesn't it?

I'm still trying to talk my fiance into Vegas lol
» Jason Young on November 22, 2005

cogratulations, my dears!
» eileen on November 22, 2005

Thanks everybody! The year went by so quick. I can't believe it. And Jason, keep trying to persuade her. I'm so glad we did it the way we did. We cut out 99% of the headaches and expense and still got to do all the fun stuff!
» Kris on November 22, 2005

Hey grats you two! Looking forward to catching up with you very soon. :)
» WeeB on November 22, 2005

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