December 6, 2005


DietBlog: I don't want to jinx it by being too optimistic, but I had a good week. I ain't breakin' out the red Crocs just yet but we're nearly there. And while I did take the night off from exercise, I didn't use Moron Customer's comment as an excuse to self-destruct tonight. That's a Good Thing.


Good work, Kris. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your new shoes to get an airing!
» Niffler on December 6, 2005

Hooray! I'm so glad you had a good week. I "weigh in" tonight. Though I don't go to the meetings anymore, I've tried to keep up my Tuesday night weigh ins at home to maintain some sense of schedule. I think it'll go well... I still have 10 flex points that I didn't use earlier in the week, and I've been tracking everything! So congrats to you on a successful week, and congrats on not letting the obnoxious customer get to you.
» Staci on December 7, 2005

Good job! I've heard (at a WW meeting) that sometimes just maintaining your weight over the holidays is an achievement in itself. To actually lose is quite an accomplishment.
» Tricia on December 7, 2005

This week is going to be the real trial. Ben (aka Weeb, aka The Ferret) is going to be visiting us, and then on Tuesday we have the shop Christmas Party. (It's at Una's, which is THE DIET WRECKER.)
» Kris on December 7, 2005

You go girl! Whoo!
» Miss Helen on December 7, 2005

:) I need to lose weight too so don't worry we won't be digging into big feasts ..hehe.

Looking forward to seeing you peeps tomorrow!
» WeeB on December 7, 2005

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