Sunday, May 14, 2006

Knitting with NualaMy Deflated Ego
As I mentioned the other day, I ended up telly again Thursday night. (Yeah, I was knitting. I'm like the knitting equivalent of a talking head. Whenever a Sydney PR person needs somebody cranking away on a sweater in the background, I'm the one they call.) So this time we were promoting this weekend's Knitting for the Homeless event down in Darling Harbour. Once again I found myself at Channel 7 waiting for my annual audience with Nuala, the weather girl. Above you see a screengrab from the footage. Isn't that nice? Doesn't the Neopolitan look great on TV? Oh, what's that? You want to know where I am? I'm right there, right behind Nuala's great big freakin' head. *sigh* At least you can see a split-second of me in the video clip (4.4MB). I think I'm going to have to take a break from the fame-whoring. You go to all this effort only to be (literally) eclipsed by a giant head. Whatever.

I did go to the knitting event on Saturday though. I'd planned to hit the trifecta - Inner City Knitter's Guild meeting, Homeless event, and then over to SSK - but I didn't make it back over to Newtown. There just weren't many people at the event, and I felt like I ought to stay and at least crank out whatever squares I could. I ended up having a really nice time, and it was a beautiful day to be out along the Harbour. I should do more charity knitting.

Me and the ladies

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I'm not sure where the knitting for the homeless event was advertised, but none of us at SSK had heard of it until Friday - and then only from your blog in most cases. Bex told me on Friday that the Goth knitters were going to be there -I'd loved to have seem that!
» M-H [www] » 2006-05-14 22:44:31
Yeah, that was a huge problem, M-H. I think that basically they didn't have any money whatsoever to promote it. I only knew about it because the PR person rang me at the shop a few weeks ago to ask me to promote it to our customers. (I put it on our website and mentioned it in the customer newsletter.) It wasn't in the Guild newsletter, and I don't think they put it in any magazines. What's worse is they didn't have any decent signage down at Darling Harbour, so most people walking by had no idea what was going on. It was just a group of people under a marquee. If they'd had signs up saying "LEARN TO KNIT FOR FREE! SUPPLIES PROVIDED!" I'm sure they'd have gotten a lot more takers. As it was, only the occasional curious onlooker bothered to stop by. I didn't see any Goths there myself, but they may have been earlier in the morning.
» Kris [www] » 2006-05-14 23:15:36
Hey, I have those same exact sneakers! So comfy.
» eileen [www] » 2006-05-16 07:07:38
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