October 11, 2006

25 Cities

Quiz: 25 Cities of the USA. I buggered up some of New England. I always do that. And while I'd heard of "Great Falls," I had no idea what state it was in. Final score: 81% in 1:25. (Link courtesy of Kel.)

Addendum: Ooh, he has a bunch more! I just tried the Australia and New Zealand version... and gave up after the first three. I know nothing about New Zealand geography.


Whoo hoo! I scored 100% in 48.7seconds. I guess it does help that I teach 5th grade (and social studies is heavy on the states, cities, and other notable locations)
» Frances on October 11, 2006

Wait, how can you screw up New England? There was only one New England city on there.

I scored 100 in under 50 seconds. But I have to confess that I wouldn't have known the difference between Dallas and Houston before living down here. Apparently, they're WORLDS different, but to me it's all just one big scary Texas.
» Nora on October 11, 2006

I can never get the Northern cities of Aus correct. Haven't spent any time up there. But NZ was a breeze! :)
» M-H on October 11, 2006

I'm a Midwesterner, Nora. New England begins as soon as you get past Ohio, to me. :)
» Kris on October 11, 2006

woohoo way to make me feel good 100% in 46.7 seconds. I'm going to try the USA one, I expect that I won't do as well....
» just jussi on October 11, 2006

I got 51% of the US in 2.38 mins. I didn't think that was too bad. Fro a downunderer
» M-H on October 11, 2006

93% in 1:06. I clicked on Atlantic City instead of Philly. Oops!
» eileen on October 12, 2006

93% for the US, 44% for Au/NZ. Oh well.. I was doing all right until I got to NW Australia. I tried a few more times but never could remember the one just south of Auckland!
» Manda on October 12, 2006