Wednesday, October 18, 2006

RunningBlog: Those of you watching my training log (down there on the right) may have noticed that I've been doing a lot of workouts from the Biggest Loser DVD lately. I picked it up at Kmart a few weeks ago hoping that it would provide some exercise variety on rainy days. It's actually really good! Trainer Bob leads six of the contestants from the US show through four different workouts (plus warm-up and stretch). I've been alternating the "Low Intensity Cardio" and "Strength & Sculpt" options for a while now. It's funny; I was never a huge Bob fan while watching the show but I've definitely warmed to his style on the DVD. The hilarious part is that he knows the Bob fans are watching, and he totally plays up to it. He keeps turning to look straight in the camera and say things like, "You are looking so great. You are fantastic. You can do anything. I'M SO PROUD OF YOU." (And cheesy as it is, it still works on me!) Unfortunately yesterday I thought I'd step it up to the "High Intensity Cardio"... and today I can't move. I think it was all the trunk rotations and punches. My lower back is KILLING ME. And of course, I can't take any ibuprofen, so I've just been gritting my teeth and rubbing Voltarin on it all day. So if you see me moving like an elderly person this week, that's why. I did it all for the love of Trainer Bob.

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