October 28, 2006

Gaming Addiction

Mary-Helen pointed me to this excellent post on "gaming addiction." The Snook is pretty good about regulating his game play, and he did make a sterling effort at getting me to play with him. I'm not too worried yet. (Though he's only at level 47. What will happen when he gets to 60?)


I don't think Rodos will be a hardcore raider, so I'm guessing 60's not going to be a major lifedrain.

It comes down to the individual I guess (or the parent, in the case of a child). Did The Snook show you this article about a reformed WoW addict? - View from the top - View from the top - redux
» hank on October 28, 2006

When he gets to 60 he'll buy the expansion pack, and start all over again...
» Lara on October 28, 2006