January 6, 2007

The Golden Compass

Kevin pointed me towards some great new images from The Golden Compass. Sam Elliot made me swoon with the most glorious 'tache ever. Nicole Kidman looks absolutely stunning as Mrs. Coulter. (I can't wait to see her dæmon.) I'm still disappointed that Terence Stamp isn't playing Lord Asriel, but Daniel Craig looks spiffing in his period getup. (He does, however, sport my least favorite facial hair ever: the beard that grows right up to the bottom lip, all the way across.) The newcomer playing Lyra looks great and gets to sport some adorable knitwear. I predict the knitters are going to be all over her her Gyptian hat (Dude, is that, like, fifty-ply?) and this strangely adorable bonnet.

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