January 20, 2007


What American accent do you have? I apparently have a "Midland" accent, which "is just another way of saying 'you don't have an accent.'" And yes, even after more than five years in this country, I still say "marry," "Mary," and "merry" all sound the SAME.


me too. and I'm with you on the 'Mary' issue :)
» Amy on January 20, 2007

I said that "marry" sounds different from the other two, but still got the Midland. Hmmmmm...
» Tori on January 21, 2007

Hey, RT, do you remember the time that you were telling me about a ferry that sunk, and it confused the heck out of me because the whole time I thought you were talking about a fairy?

Boy, that Midland accent can be confusing sometimes....
» eileen on January 21, 2007

*You* don't have an accent? No, *I* don't have an accent. :)
» M-H on January 21, 2007

I have a midland accent - or...non accent - too. I may have to refer all the Aussie's to this result who after living here for seven years still swear I have "a really strong American accent". They're obviously mistaken. ;)
» Morgan on January 21, 2007