January 23, 2007


Me: So the Internets evidently think we're slobs.
Snook: Huh? Oh, you mean those random comments?
Me: Yeah.
Snook: What the hell was that about? It looks good! Some people have frickin' OCD.
Me: Seriously. I was thinking it looked pretty tidy, myself.
Snook: Most of the time we have empty wine bottles all over the place!
Me: Remember that time we had a bottle of maple syrup on the coffee table for, like, a month?
Both of us: Mmm.... pancakes.


We had a bottle of beer stuck to the bottom of the fridge with maple syrup. For a ten months.
» crumpet on January 23, 2007

Ignore the neat freak troll. Your living room looked cozy and nice.

Crumpet, the fridge is my nemesis. I've discovered year-old leftovers before. It's times like those I'm thankful God created Gladware. ;)
» Marci on January 24, 2007

You live there!!! Not everyone lives in a show room!!! Thank goodness
» missfee on January 24, 2007

I wouldnt worry about it - and besides, IVAR is open storage, you're gonna see everything.... (try making that stuff look neat and clean in an Ikea showroom :P).. your place is neater than mine.
» Bex on January 24, 2007

People always have crap to say about other people when they have their own issues. I agree with Marci, ignore the Neatness Police...your place needs to be a place where YOU find relaxation, not a place to win a frickin' interior design award. Who wants to live in a totally sterile environment anyway?

Crumpet and Marci - I am afraid of the things stuck to the bottom of my fridge too. I am so thankful for disposable storage!
» Frances on January 24, 2007

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