January 25, 2007

Puke Patterns

Someone has been "collecting" the horrible upholstery patterns from the world's public transport. Huh. Snookums always comments on the carpet at casinos. He thinks they make it lurid to hide the vomit stains.


My understanding of the casino carpets is that they make them super ugly for the purpose of redirecting your eye from the floor to the games on the floor. Same with the lack of windows & clocks, free drinks, and the oxygen they pump in—it's all to increase the likelihood of your getting sucked into the gambling experience.

Tho I bet it does hide puke (and blood?) stains well. ;)
» brigita on January 25, 2007

How many years of marching band does it take for one to immediately recognize a charter bus's lurid seats? Eleven did it for me. :)
» Jenny on January 25, 2007

Cinema carpets are also the worst. I think it's to hide the stains, you're eyeballs are too bsuy rebelling to notice them.
» the other andrew on January 25, 2007

you're? YOUR'RE?

Sorry, momentart lapse of reason. YOUR eyeballs. Urgh.
» the other andrew on January 25, 2007

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