April 5, 2008


Max wrote a very cute post about deliberately mispronouncing words. I commented with some that the Snook and I use often: "bzactly," "saxamaphone," "compyooto," "mo cho cho," etc. What are yours?


We like to order "peppanoni" pizza and greet each other with "Heddo." I'm sure there are plenty more.
» Jenny on April 5, 2008

OH! I totally forgot "eh-oh!" That's how the Tellytubbies say hello, and we say it ALL. THE. TIME.
» Kris on April 5, 2008

Pasghetti and mashed topatoes. I learned those from Tiny Toons.
» miftik on April 5, 2008

"alcomahol" and "edumacate".. "hurro" for hello and a lot of lolcat. :D i can haz chokilit?
» neek on April 5, 2008

Anyone for Dishlicking Waquid?
» Lara on April 5, 2008

I say "burshmeeto" for "burrito" and "nanabans" for "bananas" I don't know why, exactly...
» Margo on April 5, 2008

I thought of two more that I saw: "bubonic vinegar" (for balsamic) and "cannelloni beans" (for cannellini).
» Kris on April 5, 2008

I'm another "alcomohol/edumacate/saxamophone/micromophone" persons.. Topatoes, Bsketti, lolcat, Hurro, Nanabas (bananas)... y'know.. the usual.. ;)
» Tia on April 5, 2008

I say banananas does that count. And th saxamphone things too, isn't it a Simpsons thing?
» Rachel on April 5, 2008

we do this stuff a lot. here are a few off the top of my head: avomacado (avocado), hopsital (hospital), ambulope (ambulance), fajitas (as in, we intentionally pronounce the j instead of having it as a soft h sound), jalapenos (same thing, intentionally pronounce the j) and we sometimes call alexander 'axelander'.

my dad does this all the time with a bunch of stuff - he will call and ask if we want him to pick up bread for us from HBO (instead of saying HEB, the name of the grocery store), for example.
» kristen on April 6, 2008

also, lots of pronouncing words how they are actually spelt - cham-pag-ne (say all the letters), skizzers (scissors), wed-nes-day, musckles (muscles) etc. i think this is fairly common though?

my sisters and i like hamburglers, and if something is crazy ridiculous, we'll say it's ridonkulous.
» kristen on April 6, 2008

hostipal (hospital), parcark (carpark), skizzorays (scissors), annymole (animal), blister (sister)

and so many more........
» Emily on April 8, 2008

Canadia (Canada), Tarz-yay (Target), the -day in the days of the week become -dee, fuh-jita (fajita), so-sauge (sausage), metropolitan ice cream (instead of neopolitan), Kroger rhymes with the name Roger, pick-um-up truck, hur-ting (with almost a full stop between the hur and the ting -- means lame or stupid), nuke-u-lur (nuclear), babby (baby), instain (insane), Skinemax (Cinemax), unpossible, Les Miserables is pronounced like an ignorant American would, Warshington (Washington), and numerous others I can't think of.

My sisters and I like to make fun of the antiquated words our grandparents use, like davenport and commode. And we often add s's to words, making them plural or possessive at random.

Example: Can you make me coffees? Give me back my internets. You're a good puppy dogs!
» Moire on April 11, 2008

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