Haircut. We kept it blonde, mostly because it’ll need to be bleached anyway in July when I go “bubblegum pink” to play Tonks. We’re growing the back out for now, but I’ve got a new, shorter sideways fringe going on. I really friggin’ love my new salon.

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  1. Wait, WHAT? Playing Tonks? For the movie opening, or are you going to be in some sort of play with naked Daniel Radcliffe?

  2. Ha! I wish. No, dude, for the very last Hogwarts train journey. Last time we were just random students, but this year I’m determined to be an identifiable character. So I’m thinking Tonks. I plan on making a “Wyrd Sisters” T-shirt and rockin’ out with my pink hair. Now I’m just trying to convince the Snook that he should go as Professor Lupin and be my werewolf lovah… (He has a crazy idea to be Mundungus Fletcher.)

  3. Dude! Definitely go as Tonks and Lupin!

  4. Ooh nice!

    I’ve abandoned my plans to go as Tonks, mostly because I spent SO LONG knitting that never-ending Slytherin scarf that I want to wear it at least twice. So Pansy Parkinson it is again.

  5. Aw you’re such a romantic. What is the Snook thinking…

    I used to go to partners but the 2 best guys left…boo. But your hair cust inspires me to think of something more exciting next time I go for a snip. looks good.

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