Oscar Contest 2009

Oscar Contest 2009Oscar Contest 2009
The Seventh Annual Web-Goddess Oscar Contest is now open for entry! This year’s winner will take home a one-of-a-kind pair of Batman and Joker sock monkeys. (I almost didn’t do them because it seemed too obvious, but I also couldn’t resist the opportunity to make my second Heath Ledger tribute monkey.) I have to say, the Joker monkey is without a doubt the most DISTURBING sock creation of all time. He features hand-hooked green hair, a green waistcoat, a purple duster, and a SUPER-CREEPY painted face. Batman features a utility belt, a bat crest on his chest, his bat mask/helmet, and a long black cape. You could act out your favorite scenes from the movie… or slash fiction! Up to you. More photos and details after the jump. Now go enter!Please note: You’re welcome to save these photos to your server as long as you give me credit and link back to the contest. If I catch you hot-linking them or claiming credit, I reserve the right to replace them with something nasty (or poke you in the eye with a pencil).

Anyway, I know this picture is enormous, but it’s also my favorite and I can’t resist. I’ve got this set as my desktop wallpaper right now.

Batman and Joker Sock Monkeys

Here’s the full view so you can see how long their arms/legs/tails are.

Batman and Joker Sock Monkeys

Joker close-up. Note: I used acrylic paint on his face, so you can’t ever get him wet or it’ll come off.

Joker Sock Monkey

Batman close-up. I’m really proud of how his mask turned out.

Batman Sock Monkey

Batman interrogates the Joker.

Batman and Joker Sock Monkeys

Good luck with your entry!

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  1. woohoo
    they look amazing

  2. Those are excellent!

  3. Awesome. I entered. I love Batman’s cape. The Joker’s hair is kind of creeping me out.

  4. Pure evil never looked so snuggable!

  5. I love them! Entering now…

  6. This year I will submit my entry after thought, consideration and research. Not after 2 glasses of red wine. I am hoping to get at least 4 correct.

  7. It won’t let me sumbit… “Sorry, ‘oscarcontest.php’ does not exist or is not available.”


  8. I can’t reproduce the error, B. Are you still seeing it?Where’s the link you’re clicking??

  9. LOL you’re so awesome. I don’t think I actually entered your last comp so I’m all excited I got to this one on time! I’ll be watching with anticipation *grin* Love your work, chicka. Sorry I missed saying hi properly at the housewarming the other day.

  10. fantastic. Might even enter…

  11. Gorgeous. You are so clever with these weird objects. But I think that the Brokeback ones are still my faves.

  12. Adorable. 🙂

  13. Would love to commission you to create another Joker. If you could email me to let me know as willing to pay handsomely!

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