November 30, 2000

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YAY! THE BLOG IS BACK! Sorry about the long delay, but the server was a bit buggered. Should be able to get to those updates tomorrow. :)

This article about the fate of SafeRide was pretty interesting. Firstly, they're just now realizing that it's "ineffective, unorganized and is rarely if at all used by the student body"? DUH. I never even used it and I could've told them that. I think the accidents on Edison point out, though, that something needs to be done about students walking back to campus from the bars. And I don't like the attitude some administrators are taking, like Father Paul Doyle, rector of Dillon: "It's some kind of enticement to be irresponsible and not have to worry about how you're getting home — I don't think that's productive to growing up." "Productive to growing up?" How about getting hit by a car? That's not really "productive for growing up" either, is it? Sheesh.

Holy cow! There's an Anderson Cooper Fan Club website! Remember him? He was the flannel-shirt-wearing reporter from Channel 1 who was always dodging bullets in Bosnia while Rawley sat on his ass in the "Hacienda". As a joke, me and some friends wrote Anderson an obsessive fan letter once. We didn't send it though. I swear.

Kel informs me that the song Gwyneth sung was actually about RAINFORESTS being evil. And she urged us to kill the whales too. Kel adds, "that's like lizzie and my fave skit EVER." :)

Wow. The things you miss being in England. So Drew Barrymore and Tom Green were going to get married on Saturday Night Live? I sorta think Tom Green's an ass (everytime I catch his show he's doing something terrible to his parents), but I definitely wish I could've seen the show. Apparently Drew backed out five minutes before the ceremony. And Gwyneth Paltrow was even there! (Pants, isn't GP the one who sang the song about whales being the devil or something?)

Even though I'm surly today, this article about the pain and joy of the Christmas season put a smile on my face. My joy, age 8: getting a Cabbage Patch kid and therefore gaining admittance to Carrie Van Hoosier's "Cabbage Patch Club" (the little bitch had eight of 'em). My pain: mine had glasses. I know Mom was trying to make me feel good about myself and all, but I just felt like a big nerd who had a big nerd of a doll. I still got in the damn club though.

ARGH! After that whole friggin' apology, I find out that the site's damn FTP server is down! GRRR. I'll blog anyway and upload everything if/when it comes up.

Okay, okay. I know I haven't posted in FOREVER. I know that the website is horribly OUT-OF-DATE. And I know that the Blog Archive is completely BUGGERED. I'm sorry! Following the whirlwind trek to the Weasel Reunion, I had to haul ass here to get ready for my sister's long-awaited London visit. So I've been on holiday for a week, and now that I'm back at work I've had tons of crap to do. BUT... Hopefully today I'll be able to do some work on this stuff. I'll try. You'll see. :)
November 17, 2000

Whoops! Josh Kirley is NOT who I thought he was! He is, in fact, "Uncle" Jimmy's nephew. Huh. I thought he was the bald guy. *grin* (Thanks, Kel, for the correction.)

For those of you who are (and you know who you are), the Observer writes a glowing report on Jen Grubb and the Welsh football team. Gag me. Please. For God's sake, she took a semester off school to train with the Women's World Cup soccer team! Granted, it was a different sport... but they're not that different. Why should amateur athletes have to compete with world-class talent in an interhall tournament?

Remember when Father Garrick resigned over the University's failure to add sexual orientation to the non-discrimination clause? He wrote to the Observer to give everybody an update on his life. It's actually really sad; he moved out to L.A. but wasn't able to find another university job. He resigned from the Congregation of Holy Cross because they wouldn't offer him an assignment unless he refrained from identifying himself as gay and working for gay civil rights. He now can no longer work with Catholics in regular Catholic settings, because in the Church a priest has no official standing unless he is connected with a religious order or a diocesan bishop. To make ends meet, he worked as a security guard at The Tonight Show for four months. Rev. Garrick is happy to announce, though, that he has a new play opening in California. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? It makes me so angry I could spit. This good man was just trying to help people and stand up for his convictions and as a result his life has been ruined for two years. How can anybody justify this? I try to keep an open mind about Catholicism (especially with regards to this issue), but this... ARRRRGH. I can't talk about it anymore.

Here's a really good argument for coed dorms at ND. My only problem with it has to do with the author, because I find the fact that he once hooked up with a student R.A. (who then lost her job and had to move from her dorm into PW her senior year) somewhat lessens the impact of his statements about gender relations. But maybe that's just me.

Hello?! Some damn Domer girl flew home to New Jersey to vote last week. And we're supposed to applaud her for her civic duty? Has she ever heard of an ABSENTEE BALLOT? I'm not going to congratulate somebody on wasting money when a perfectly good alternate solution was available.

WOOHOO! THE REUNION WAS A SMASHING SUCCESS! Sorry for the lack of updates recently; I'm still recovering. I should have some stuff for you today though!

Kris Howard]
Damn this election. I wish Florida would hurry up and recount so I could know if I'm going to return to the US at all in the next four years. (i.e. If Bush wins, I'll stay in the UK, thank you very much.)

I can't resist. Salon has a story about Dubya's last stop on the campaign trail: Arkansas. A direct quote: "Of those who said that he didn't have the courage to tackle Social Security reform, Bush said, 'they misunderestimated me.' It was not a joke." You know what? If this guy does get in, he's going to be a bigger laugh than Dan Quayle. Perhaps Indiana's besmirched reputation can finally be put to rest. is running a very interesting story about a scientific study tying puberty to birth weight. Apparently Spanish researchers were trying to figure out why young girls are developing earlier and earlier, and this is the theory they came up with. My own experience (late bloomer; horrendously fat baby) would seem to support this. :)

Now that the Weasels are officially out of the Interhall Football Playoffs, I feel I can finally give my support to Erin Place and the rest of the Off-Campus girls. LET'S GO SPAZ! BEAT THE DUCKS!
November 6, 2000

The current College Football Poll asks "Who is the most exciting team in college football today?" There are seven options to choose from, including all three Florida schools, Oklahoma, Northwestern, Washington... and Notre Dame. What in the world? I mean, we didn't even play last week! Sure, our quarterback tribulations have been pretty interesting, but I don't think anybody would argue that we're more exciting than teams actually in the hunt for the national championship. It's like they just threw us in because they needed another name people would recognize, while also giving the anti-ND crowd the satisfaction of seeing our name way down on the list. (We're in 6th, ahead of Washington.) But again... WHY?

Since Sophomore Sibs got cancelled last year, the Sophomore Class has come up with something new: a Class Ball. It's literally supposed to be, like, Prom for college students.