June 6, 2012

Role Models are Important

Inspiring Women in I.T.
On Twitter recently I saw @tammybutow talking about a new project she's launched to highlight female role models in I.T. Tammy's project is affiliated with Go Girl, an I.T. career showcase for high school girls. Her idea is to collect photos of women with I.T. careers and compile them into a video to inspire the students. When I was in high school, I thought computer programmers were just guys in neckties who worked at IBM. I don't remember any girls in the Computer Club, and I certainly didn't join myself. I briefly considered a dual CS major in college but chickened out for fear I wasn't smart enough. I had no idea that one day I'd know lots of cool, smart, funky women who work in I.T. with jobs like "Programmer," "Game Designer," "User Experience Director," "Project Manager," and even "Business Systems Analyst." (That last one is actually ME!)

So anyway, this is an issue I feel pretty strongly about. I don't want my nieces growing up to think that computers aren't something girls work with. So I gathered up all the women in the office yesterday morning and corralled them into a photograph. (There are actually more than five, but this is all I could round up on short notice.) I present to you the inspiring women of Sitback!

Sitback Women
Full size version here. Thanks to Kunaal for the photograph!

From left to right, that's Lindsey (Project Manager), Alison (Group Account Manager), me (Business Systems Analyst + GEEK!), Leanne (User Experience Director), and Elly (Producer). Woo! Go women of Sitback!

Updated to add: I can't believe I forgot to mention the most inspiring woman in I.T. I know!

Blog Posting

I realised the other day that my automatic blog posting from Instagram and Twitter was broken. Sorry about that. My web host changed some settings and suddenly my scripts stopped working. I managed to get through to tech support today though and the Snook gave some very welcome assistance. It ain't much, but your trickle of Kris-news will continue...



I made a beautiful, tasty thing tonight.  #ratatouille
I made a beautiful, tasty thing tonight. #ratatouille

This is Smitten Kitchen's ratatouille, and it's a beautiful thing! Usually we just chunk everything up and throw in a pot, so spending the time to meticulously slice all the veg was an effort. I used a rather large eggplant (cut in two so the slices were half-moons), a big zucchini, and a big red capsicum. This version is also baked rather than cooked on the stove. The Snook was skeptical of all the work, but he was converted when I served it up. Oh! And I put some creamy goat's cheese on top, as the recipe suggests. PERFECTION. That just takes it right over the top...

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