» Kris: "Well spotted! Just posted details. :)..."
» donna: "Moneta? Looks great!!..."
» JulieK: "So given that our ceremony was about half the price of our wedding/engagement rings and our honeymoon was about double (maybe more...) the cost of the..."
» Kris: "Haha, always wrecking the bell curve, Lyn! :)..."
» LynS: "Not sure about your conclusion, Kris, given that I lived with my ex-husband for several years before marriage, had no engagement ring, had ten people ..."
» Nicole: "Jealous :) I was out there last weekend and nearly baked to death in the heat. This weekend would be much nicer. Enjoy..."
» Mary-Helen Ward: "We stayed in a hotel in HK (the Icon) that had a huge wall like this up three stories behind the check-in desk. It's the same as the walls on the Broa..."
» Kris: "I got both! :)..."
» Donna: "I hope you got the floral one!..."
» Emily: "In England the answer is not to put them in the fridge - I think we have crappier fridges and cooler houses! ..."
» Jude Webster: "Hi, I know this is a really old post, but I came across it when looking for some references to heirloom patons wool. I picked up a patons booklet to..."
» Emily: "Clare had a handpresso a couple of years ago, and has moved on to the Aeropress after handy broke. She thinks aero is more reliable (has it at work, a..."
» Erin: "I've always put sugar in cornbread, because my mother's ancient copy of the Fannie Farmer cookbook says to...."
» The Snook: "Usually to be included in these things a company has to pay, or spend a lot of time preparing a submission, so some choose not to take part...."
» gilmae: "Don't suppose you want a crockery hutch..."
» TOAST: "These people should all be taken out and shot. Twice. In the head. At point-blank range. With a shotgun...."
» TOAST: "Be aware of this method. It's genius. I found a rusted out grill-pan in my basement. Scrubbed it with a wire brush in a drill. De-rusted it with vine..."
» carolbaby: "You totally should! They're just brilliant and surprisingly little hassle - to clean fill with boiling water and wipe out with a paper towel, then dry..."
» Kris: "Oh, thank you Lyn! :)..."
» LynS: "...and you are one of the most polite people I know...."
» John: "As my iPod Touch is a WiFi only model, for most of my typical weekday the Todoist web site would be inaccessible to me. (I see that the web version cl..."
» Kris: "Whoops! Fixed! (You can probably still use the web version on your iPod Touch though. It scales down nicely on a handset.)..."
» John: "Just a quick note to point out that the link to the Todoist site is broken. (Sadly it turns out that I can't give Todoist a try because it demands iOS..."
» DrK: "Yay :)..."
» Kris: "I did! I did fix the stupid cookie issue!..."
» Kris: "But did I fix the stupid cookie issue?..."
» Kris: "IT WORKS!..."
» deadgar: "Where's your source then?..."
» Staci: "I love this!..."
» Emily: "Hey, and watch "Punk Singer" about Bikini Kills' Kathleen Hanna - apparently it's on Netflix......"
» carolbaby: "/delurking/ HolyGoodness! Thanks for posting this. I've spent way too much of my life lurking on metafilter, but I've avoided it entirely for a good m..."
» Bex: "Word...."
» Kristen: "This. Ugh. I get so annoyed that this is still a real thing. It's 2014. Shouldn't we be beyond this by now? And yet, it still happens every day. ..."
» M-H: "I love Arizona! I've been to Sedona too. A bit woo-woo when I was there (nearly 20 years ago). I'm enjoying your adventure...."
» M-H: "I love Arizona! I've been to Sedona too. A bit woo-woo when I was there (nearly 20 years ago). I'm enjoying your adventure...."
» Staci: "Just got the magazine with this article a couple days ago and it made my day! Especially the Doherty-bashing...."
» Emily: "With you all the way! ..."
» TOAST: "My high-school physics teacher used to talk about some of his colleagues mouth-pippetting HYDROGEN CYANIDE. Let's just say that if any of that gets in..."
» Aunt D: "Love the new color...."
» Emily: "Blimey, totally fascinating as well as touching. Thanks Kris. ..."
» Cheryl: "I totally agree! I also skipped running my annual Oscar pool at work because of the lackluster field. Come on 2014, let's make some decent movies!..."
» Patrick: "I'll second the endorsement. I converted about a year ago, and it's been incredibly helpful, as opposed to before where I set a budget and had no way ..."
» Erin: "Fitbit cutomer service is amazing. They replaced my old Fitbit Ultra I think five times. The charging/syncing base station had a looooooooooooong cabl..."
» Kris: "Haha, true. Much like the rest of us, the 1x1px.gif had to adapt and change its career path after the dot-com crash. :)..."
» edgar: "Most web debs surely know 1x1px.gif after its career change into a tracking pixel...."
» Kris: "Actually thought about that one, Gander, to the point of questioning how to fashion a space helmet. Too much work though...."
» Chris Gander: "I was hoping for a Sandra Bullock space sock monkey! Complete with helmet and everything...."
» KcM: "Understood. It always seems like a lot of work. :) One quick fix: Go to the store and buy a random sock monkey. Put a bag over it head and make it the..."
» Sue: "Congratulations - what an achievement! You really seem to have found your niche. And how lucky you are to have Jody as a mentor - she has such great s..."
» Aunt Deb: "Can't say how proud I am of you. But I was proud of you when you worked at the Knitting store. Just so you're happy that is all that matters. Love y..."
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