Trip to Australia - March 3-21, 2001

Female gorilla

Apes are always entertaining. Here's a female gorilla. She was hot and she didn't care whether we knew it or not.

Snookums's wingspan

Is Snookums's wingspan as large as a condor's? Not quite!

Snookums the meerkat

Here's Snookums doing his meerkat impression, much to the amusement of the meerkat sentinel keeping watch over the sleepy group.

Me as a fennec fox

Why, Kris, what big ears you have!

Snookums as a fennec fox

The better to hear you with, my Snookums!


Do you know what a wombat looks like? I sure as heck didn't. That's a couple of 'em there in the back. They're HUGE! Seriously, to me they looked like huge overgrown fluffy rodents of some kind. They were kinda cute.

Me and Snookums

The Zoo was built along the side of the harbor and they had a great cable car ride that took you up and down the hill. Here's a self-portrait of me and Snookums in our car.

View from the cable car

Here's the view from our cable car looking down the hill towards the harbor.

Another shot of the bridge

And yet another shot of that beautiful bridge. When we got to the bottom of the hill, we took a ferry across to the city. There were cruise ships and sail boats and all sorts of people out on the water.

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