Trip to Australia – March 3-21, 2001

Female gorilla - click to enlargeApes are always entertaining. Here's a female gorilla. She was hot and she didn't care whether we knew it or not.

Snookums's wingspan - click to enlargeIs Snookums's wingspan as large as a condor's? Not quite!

Snookums the meerkat - click to enlargeHere's Snookums doing his meerkat impression, much to the amusement of the meerkat sentinel keeping watch over the sleepy group.

Me as a fennec fox - click to enlargeWhy, Kris, what big ears you have!

Snookums as a fennec fox - click to enlargeThe better to hear you with, my Snookums!

Wombats - click to enlargeDo you know what a wombat looks like? I sure as heck didn't. That's a couple of 'em there in the back. They're HUGE! Seriously, to me they looked like huge overgrown fluffy rodents of some kind. They were kinda cute.

Me and Snookums - click to enlargeThe Zoo was built along the side of the harbor and they had a great cable car ride that took you up and down the hill. Here's a self-portrait of me and Snookums in our car.

View from the cable car - click to enlargeHere's the view from our cable car looking down the hill towards the harbor.

Another shot of the bridge - click to enlargeAnd yet another shot of that beautiful bridge. When we got to the bottom of the hill, we took a ferry across to the city. There were cruise ships and sail boats and all sorts of people out on the water.

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Trip to Australia
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