Trip to Australia - March 3-21, 2001

Missing wallaby

Papa Snookums had told me that there was a wallaby living near the house that could often be seen in the yard. (Wallabies are basically a form of kangaroo, but much smaller.) It wasn't until our last day at Eungai, Monday the 12th, that I finally saw the bugger as we were pulling out of the driveway. He looked up in alarm was I shouted "Stop!" and frantically grabbed at my camera. I had just enough time to take this picture... of nothing. He ran into the woods about half a second before. He's in there somewhere, peepin' out at me.

Sky at Yarrahapinni

For our last day, we headed up to the top of Mount Yarrahapinni. The clouds were rolling in and it was getting misty, but we managed to make it before it got too bad. Isn't that a beautiful sky?

Casa Snookums from Yarrahapinni

Though you can't see so well in the picture, it was actually possible to spot a bit of Casa Snookums from the top of the Mountain. It's lurking in that bit of trees right near the center of the picture. That's all Papa Snookums's land.

My Snookums

There's my Snookums, saying goodbye to his native soil.

Me and Snookums

Here's me and Snookums at the top of the mountain. There are all sorts of weather and radio towers up there now. Yeah, 498 meters above sea level. Not the highest mountain in the world, but it's a whole lot less flat than Indiana, let me tell you. (Also note me wearin' my boots. I told you I was at war with the leeches.)

Flooded land

I was trying to get another picture of the flooding but you can't see it so easily. Basically, all those little shiny areas that look like lakes? Yeah, those aren't normally there.

Father and Son again

Another nice pic of Snookums and his Pop.

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