Round-the-World Holiday, June 23 - July 28, 2003

Mosaic - click to enlargeHerculaneum had some fairly well-preserved mosaics, including this one from the public baths. I confess I'm thinking of using it as a knitting pattern.

Another mosaic - click to enlargeAnother pretty mosaic.

Neptune and Amphitrite Mosaic - click to enlargeThe houses have all been given names based on their defining characteristic, thus this was called the "House of Neptune and Amphitrite" after the beautiful mosaic shown here.

Mosaic - click to enlargeThis awesome mosaic was from the floor of the public baths.

More Herculaneum - click to enlargeMore Herculaneum. The Snook is way down at the far end.

Mosaic - click to enlargeI like mosaics. This one's from a bench.

Deer statues - click to enlargeThis was called "The House of the Deer" because of these statues of deer being attacked by wolves. Yeah, just the thing I'd want in my garden.

Snookums - click to enlargeSnookums on our way out of Herculaneum.

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