Round-the-World Holiday, June 23 - July 28, 2003

Me and Snook

Here's a much better self-portrait of the Snook and I on the vaporetto. After Burano we headed out to the Lido, which is Venice's beach island. (It's also where the famous film festival is held every year and where Kristen and Mark stayed on their honeymoon.)

Me on the Lido beach

Here's me on the beach at the Lido, dipping my toes in the Mediterranean for the first time.

Bridge of Sighs

This is Venice's famous "Bridge of Sighs" as seen at night. Apparently it's called that because convicts would walk across it from the Doge's palace on the left to the prison on the right. There were probably 250 tourists all crammed together trying to take pictures of the thing, why is why this is so blurry.


Here's the famous Rialto Bridge over the Grand Canal as seen by vaporetto. (You can see a live view here.)

Milan Cathedral

We left Venice and travelled to Milan for a day. I was excited to see the Milan Cathedral, the 4th largest church in the world. It can seat 40,000! Here's a bit of the facade.

Piazza Del Duomo

A view of the Piazza Del Duomo, where the Cathedral is located.

Roof of Milan Cathedral

The coolest thing about the Cathedral is that they let you climb up on the roof! Here are several shots of flying buttresses and statues and other gothic goodness.

Roof of Cathedral

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