Sydney Royal Easter Show, March 19, 2004

More utes - click to enlargeRoaring around in a tight group formation...

Another one - click to enlargeAnother formation. I liked the utes.

Ramps - click to enlargeI also liked this bit where they went up on ramps.

Hat and a brat - click to enlargeAs I was walking the Animal Trail, I was delighted to come upon a booth that advertised itself as Sydney's only authentic German fast food. So I stepped up to the counter and purchased the first real bratwurst I've had in years. YUM. Oh, and yeah, I bought a hat.

Goats - click to enlargeWithout Amy and Rodd to back me up, I was a lot more tentative about sticking my arms in animal pens this year. I did like these goat kids though.

Tiny Teddies - click to enlargeTiny Teddie cookies being baked in the Arnott's Travelling Bakery. They smelled so good!

Finished Teddies - click to enlargeFinished Teddies sliding off the conveyor belt. You could buy a box of them still warm from the oven!

Cricketer Mailbox - click to enlargeAs many Australians live out in the bush, constructing huge and imaginative Mailboxes is a popular pasttime (as the mailbox is all you'd see of their place driving by). This one is a larger-than-life cricketer complete with a Merv Hughes 'tache and a bat signed by the Waugh brothers.

Emu Mailbox - click to enlargeI liked the emu with the goggle eyes too.

Trains or beer? - click to enlargeGoing home and the eternal Australian debate: Train or Beer? :)

The End!

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