Sydney Royal Easter Show - March 19, 2005

More utes

Roaring around in a tight group formation...

Another one

Another formation. I liked the utes.


I also liked this bit where they went up on ramps.

Hat and a brat

As I was walking the Animal Trail, I was delighted to come upon a booth that advertised itself as Sydney's only authentic German fast food. So I stepped up to the counter and purchased the first real bratwurst I've had in years. YUM. Oh, and yeah, I bought a hat.


Without Amy and Rodd to back me up, I was a lot more tentative about sticking my arms in animal pens this year. I did like these goat kids though.

Tiny Teddies

Tiny Teddie cookies being baked in the Arnott's Travelling Bakery. They smelled so good!

Finished Teddies

Finished Teddies sliding off the conveyor belt. You could buy a box of them still warm from the oven!

Cricketer Mailbox

As many Australians live out in the bush, constructing huge and imaginative Mailboxes is a popular pasttime (as the mailbox is all you'd see of their place driving by). This one is a larger-than-life cricketer complete with a Merv Hughes 'tache and a bat signed by the Waugh brothers.

Emu Mailbox

I liked the emu with the goggle eyes too.

Trains or beer?

Going home and the eternal Australian debate: Train or Beer? :)

The End!

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