Gleewarts Express, July 16, 2005

Madam Pince - click to enlargeWe all counted down to 9:01am and the boxes were opened. Madam Pince clutches her copy here.

Snookums - click to enlargeThe Snook looks pretty happy for somebody who's never read one of the books! (He's listened to them on tape.)

Luna? - click to enlargeI didn't get the chick in the lion helmet at first, but now I think she may have been going for a "Luna Lovegood" thing...

Readers - click to enlargeSome people just plonked right down and started in on the book.

More readers - click to enlargeMore readers.

Fire juggling - click to enlargeMeanwhile the rest of us huddled for warmth around the clearing full of fire dancers. This guy set his pants on fire!

Juggling before the crowd - click to enlargeThe juggler entertains an enthralled crowd. This is a pretty nice picture, if I do say so myself.

Sneaking a peek - click to enlargeMadam Pince can't resist sneaking a peek in the book...

Debating - click to enlarge"What do you think, Hedwig? Should we dive in?"

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