Halloween Party - October 30, 2004

Miss Bennet enjoying some cake

As the Kitty Litter Cake seemed to be frightening most guests, I decided that I'd lead by example and dig in. Aren't I being ever so proper? (In case you're wondering about the hair, I curled the front sections with a curling iron and hair-sprayed the hell out of them. The top of the back was twisted into a bun, while the short bottom section was curled under. Thanks to Amy for helping!)


Mmm, Miss Eliza likes her cake!


This is Danny, whose parents started the shop where I work. He's a cellist and a fellow computer geek. He's also diabetic, so I hope I didn't kill him with all the sweets I put out.

Mr. Darcy and Dionysus

And Mr. Darcy slides even further into disrepute...

Gadgetgirl at the bongos

Clinton brought his GameCube along with a crazy game where you have to play the bongos in time to music. Yes, USB bongos. It was actually a huge hit. Here's Amy having a go.

Kathleen's kimono

Here's another view of Kathleen and her beautiful kimono.

Losh and Mitchell

Losh and Mitchell watch the bongo playing and laugh.

Miss Eliza has a go

Miss Elizabeth is convinced to take a turn. I went with "Tubthumping" since it was the simplest level and I totally rocked it! In addition to whacking the bongos you also have to clap, which was difficult wearing my gloves. (I had to clap hard for the microphone to pick it up.)

Still playing

I'm still playing. What a workout! Especially for someone whose torso is encased in duct tape...

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