Halloween Party, October 30, 2004

Mr. Darcy's turn - click to enlargeNow it's Mr. Darcy's turn. He wasn't so great at the bongos, but later he kicked ass at "Cha Cha Amigo", where you have to shake USB maracas in time to Ricky Martin songs. (I only wish I was making this up.)

Steph and Eva - click to enlargeSteph and Eva watch the bongo-playing dorks...

Joanne has a turn - click to enlargeJoanne's the Queen of the Bongos...

Mr. Darcy and the Dove - click to enlargeCheck it out! It's Mr. Darcy and the Dove! Philip worked with us in London and is the only person in Sydney who's known the both of us since the very beginning of our relationship. Behind them are Deb, Nick and Smithers, who I regrettably don't seem to have any other photos of. Deb was a very glittery sorceress, Nick was Boba Fett, and Smithers wore a weird Russian hat.

The death of Dionysus - click to enlargeThe nerd kills Dionysus. This is, like, a metaphor or something.

The engaged couple - click to enlargeA last shot of your hosts, the happy couple. See, we clean up well!

Cheeky! - click to enlargeCome on, you all knew Miss Elizabeth Bennet was a little cheeky, didn't you?

Jack-O-Lantern - click to enlargeI leave you with the amazing jack-o-lantern that Helen and Cliton carved for us. Not only did they manage to find an orange pumpkin in this Great-Pumpkin-forsaken land, but they also did a pretty good job for two Aussie kids that had never carved one before!

Thanks to everyone who helped out and attended!

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Halloween Party 2004
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