Halloween Party, October 29, 2011

The Greatest American Hero and Wonder Woman - click to  enlargeOur costume theme for this year was "Childhood Heroes." My Wonder Woman Underoos were a prized possession, and the Snook even made his own Greatest American Hero outfit when he was little. These costumes are 85% rented, 15% DIY. We made the Snook's cape, and he crafted his own insignia belt buckle. I sewed my own starred skirt, as the costume shorts were a little, uh, brief. The wigs were lent to us by Rodd's sister Jeannie. Pretty sweet, huh!

Jeannie, Chris, and Kurt - click to enlargeSpeaking of Jeannie, here she is with Chris and their son Kurt. Kurt was his favourite character Tintin, and his parents were Thomson and Thompson. Kurt even dyed his hair! He had a small Snowy dog too.

Lego Men and Cookie Monster - click to enlargeJosh and Jamie came as Lego men, and it was seriously creepy to see them walk up the front steps! Here they are with Cookie Monster, aka my friend Zena. Poor Zena was overheating in that fur suit! Points for dedication though. She even brought us a bag of homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Indian Jones and Red Riding Hood - click to enlargeKunaal certainly had the best entrance of the night, cueing up the Indiana Jones theme song on his iPhone as he walked in. Tia made a lovely Red Riding Hood in her self-made cape.

Meg, Erin, and Jane - click to enlargeFrom left to right: Meg as a seriously cool dead Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez; Erin as the Black Swan (in an amazing handmade tulle tutu); and Jane as a dodgy London rioter.

David - click to enlargeI love a good witty nerd costume. David came as a Commodore 64.

Jonathan - click to enlargeHere's the amazing Jonathan, ferocious lion and photographer extraordinaire!

Barkers - click to enlargeAmy and Rob were rockin' some sweet Star Trek uniforms, complete with tricorder and phaser. (Amy still holds the record as being the only person to have come to every single one of our Halloween parties! Let's keep the streak alive!)

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Halloween Party 2011
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