Our House

Snookums's room

Here's Rodd's room. Yeah, it's dark. But it was also messy, so deal with it.

More of Snookums's room

Stepping a little farther into Snookums's room, you can see his computer area by the window and his wardrobe to the left. On the top of his bookshelves is the Boba Fett mask I got him last year for this birthday.

Out Snookums's window

This is the view outside Snookums's window, looking over the kitchen roof and into the back garden.

My room window

Moving along the hall, we come to my room. I had to leave the curtains pulled on my big front windows or the shot would've been overexposed. You can see my computer desk with my iMac, Boudicca (that's her name), and the scanner up above. I'm a big fan of those big wardrobe cabinets.

My dresser...

A closeup of the stuff on my dresser. You can see Interactive Yoda on the left, along with Fleecy (the Beanie Baby) and Talking Pooh (wearing the Minnie Mouse ears and pirate eyepatch). In front of my toiletries bag is my Army of Darkness "Ash" action figure.

Snookums's room

Here's the other side of my room. More closet space, my bulletin board, and my towel rack. Excitement, I know. You should've seen it immediately following the Australia trip though. *grin*

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