Trip to Oxford - August 11-12, 2001


To celebrate being back on dry land, we headed for the nearest pub. Here's Ian and Amy planning out the rest of their day.


Snookums is still basking in the glow of his manly rowing skills.


Here we try not to look stupid as Amy takes a picture of us. We fail.

Oxford Castle

Since the younger kids (ha) wanted to see the Art Museum while Snookums and I wanted to see Oxford Castle, we split up. Unfortunately for me and the Snook, Oxford Castle is pretty much in ruins and closed to the public. We walked all the way around it but this was the only decent picture I got of the standing tower.

Scary face

I believe this was in front of the "Bodleian Library", which was a very cool round building. There were all these giant scary stone heads decorating the outer perimeter. I felt like they were looking at me.


Here's one of the colleges. It's weird for me, because my school had lots of grass and quads everywhere. But here, the lawns are actually located inside the colleges. It makes it hard to tell them apart.

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