Trip to Oxford - August 11-12, 2001

Abruptly, that's the end of the first day. Well, not really. We met up as this crazy Cajun place called "Old Orleans" where we imbibed many cocktails and ate a huge meal. (Ian got the "Swamp & Turf", which was a steak and alligator!) Then Ian headed home to London while the other two and I went back to the B&B for some shut-eye. Fast forward to the next morning...

Amy and Snookums

... Where Amy and Snookums wait for me to finishing getting ready. We had a huge English breakfast down in the dining room before checking out and heading back into Oxford. Our first stop was the "Oxford Story", where we sat in these weird desks that got dragged "back through history" past animatronic scenes from Oxford's past. It ruled. And at least it got us out of the rain.

The dreaming spires...

I was all about seeing the famous "dreaming spires" from up high, so we headed to the tower of St. Michael's Church. Here's a nice view...

Fire engines

There was actually a fire raging somewhere in the town below while we were up there. You can just see the fire engines in this picture. The smoke is off the picture to the right.


She thinks she looks "bushy-headed", but I think she looks cute.

Down Cornmarket street

Here's the view down Cornmarket Street, which (I think) was supposed to be a pedestrian zone, except that they were doing a lot of construction on it.


Snookums eyes the horizon.


Could we look more different? I assure you, we are in fact sisters though.

Disgustingly cute

How cute are we? Answer: so cute. I don't have many good pictures of us, but I like this one.

Anyway, the rain was still coming down and we'd seen just about everything we cared to see, so we hopped on the bus back to London and were home eating Papa John's by 4:00. And that's it for Oxford!

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