Thanksgiving Party, November 26, 2005

Mmm, fat

That is seriously more than 50% fat.


Mmm, lovely bouquet!

Third basting

Third basting. This is probably about five hours in. This is when we checked the temperature and realized that it was cooking way faster than we'd anticipated, so we turned down the oven and put it back in for a couple more hours.


At seven elapsed roasting hours, Mr. Turducken is DONE!

Sweet corn casserole

Time for side dishes. I made Aunt Deb's sweet corn casserole. Yes, that is a CUP of melted butter on top.

Guests arrive

Guests begin arriving. Here's the Snook and Toast (our truffle benefactor) playing with one of Helen's Blythe dolls.


Here are Mrs. Morris and Bridget watching as Rob challenges Joseph, the reigning backgammon champion. I was thrilled to be able to have the Macy's Day Parade and the Dallas-Denver football game on in the background (courtesy of the Snook and bittorrent).

Appetizer Pig

"The Appetizer Pig," as designed and constructed by Snookums and Helen. This was a big hit.

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