Thanksgiving Party, November 26, 2005

Drumroll please!

It's time for the big unveiling. People were actually really excited to see this beast! Drumroll, please...



Mr. and Mrs. Snook

We pose for a picture before the Snook carves into the middle of the turducken.

Another picture

Flashbulbs are goin' off all over the place...

More carving

It's so weird to watch someone cut right down into a turkey like a loaf of bread.

Side dishes

Guests are still arriving and the table is filling up. Everyone was asked to bring their signature dish so we ended up with everything from pasta to nachos along with more traditional Thanksgiving fare. There was so much food!

Food queue

Time to hit the buffet! Amy, Helen, Leanne, and Joanne fill their plates.

Netdecisions reunion

In the kitchen, an impromptu Netdecisions reunion is held as the Snook and I catch up with the Dove (aka Philip).

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