USA Trip - July 17 - August 7, 2010

On the bus

We caught the Airport Express to SFO, and it was actually really nice! They even have free Wi-Fi on the bus. Highly recommended.

Anchor Steam

We had some time to kill before our flight, so we hit the Anchor Steam pub for a pint before flying to Chicago.

Breakfast in America

Finally we were back in the Midwest! We got in late so we spent the night at an airport near O'Hare. The next morning we went next door for breakfast and were once again staggered by American portion sizes. (This would be two full breakfasts in Australia.) It sure was tasty though - and SO CHEAP.

Me and my Mom

We picked up our rental car and drove to my Mom's house in Indiana. Here she is!

Me and my brother Anthony

We went to get some lunch and visited my brother Anthony at work. He's all grown-up!

Snookums in the pool

It was nice and hot in Goshen, so we wasted little time in jumping into the pool.

In the pool

Me, Joey, and Snookums were having a great time out there.

Me and Dad

We met up with a big group of family for dinner that night. Afterwards Rodd and I went with my Dad and Cindy over to The Chief for ice cream. Here's me and my Dad. Dig that Hawaiian shirt, Pops.

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