USA Trip - July 17 - August 7, 2010

Snookums and a tiny dog

We went to a family reunion at my Aunt Soonja's house. Here's the Snook with her tiny, tiny "teacup" chihuahua.

Me and Snookums

My aunt lives on a lake, and it was so nice to be by the water. I've missed that.

Me and Jaden

My cousins are all having babies! This is me and my first cousin once removed Jaden. What a cutie.

The water slide

Someone in the family brought this huge inflatable water slide for the little kids. It was crazy.

The water slide

Me and my Grandma Harter. Love her!

On the bus to the race

Then it was Race Day! The Snook and I had agreed to run the Elkhart County Fair 5K Road Race with my Mom. (You can hear audio from the day in Geek Girl Runner Episode 9.) Here we are getting bussed to the starting line.

Waiting to start

It was a hot day, and we had to wait while they cleared the traffic on the streets. (We were running on the actual parade route right before the parade.) Here we are trying to keep cool.

After the finish

And here we are at the finish! The last half mile was inside the grandstand. Volunteers were handing out icy cold rags to the runners as they crossed the line. The Snook and I both met our goals and finished within 35 minutes.

After the finish

The runners! Me, Rodd, my Mom, and my brother Joey (who ran in the children's race). We all did such a great job.

A major prize win!

While we certainly didn't place in the race, Snookums actually won the grand door prize for the day: tickets to see "Lonestar" (a country band) perform at the Fair that week. Needless to say, we gave them away. :)

At the Fair

After the race it was time to explore the Fair. Ahhhh, the smell of deep fried food on a stick.

Giant Corn Dog

I like corn dogs, but this is just about the least appetizing thing I've ever seen in my life!

Ice Cream

We finished up with some yummy ice cream. Here's Rodd and Joey enjoying theirs.

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