USA Trip - July 17 - August 7, 2010

Back in the pool

Back in the house and back in the pool! Snookums and Joey are chilling.


My brother brought over his boys Isaiah and Mason. Isaiah had a lot of fun on that slide!

Snookums in Lagrange

Another day, the Snook and I drove to LaGrange where I went to high school. Here he is in front of a mural near the courthouse.

Me and Grandma and Berbie

We visited my Grandma Veva and my Great-aunt Berb.

Red pants

We stayed for a few days at the Bakers (my aunt and uncle). While there, we made a pilgrimage to Old Navy at Mishawaka to shop. Here's the Snook showing off his new red trousers. RED TROUSERS.

Breakfast in Lagrange

Breakfast in Lagrange. (One of the waitresses at the diner was in my graduating class. That was slightly awkward.)


Bazinga. Man, I love Indiana in the summertime.

Snookums and Tucker

One night we had dinner at my brother and his wife Kara's house. Here's Snookums with their beagle Tucker.

Me and Mason

Me and Mason. What a cutie!

Dad and Isaiah

Dad and Isaiah.

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