USA Trip, July 17 - August 7, 2010

Back in the pool - click to enlargeBack in the house and back in the pool! Snookums and Joey are chilling.

Isaiah - click to enlargeMy brother brought over his boys Isaiah and Mason. Isaiah had a lot of fun on that slide!

Snookums in Lagrange - click to enlargeAnother day, the Snook and I drove to LaGrange where I went to high school. Here he is in front of a mural near the courthouse.

Me and Grandma and Berbie - click to enlargeWe visited my Grandma Veva and my Great-aunt Berb.

Red pants - click to enlargeWe stayed for a few days at the Bakers (my aunt and uncle). While there, we made a pilgrimage to Old Navy at Mishawaka to shop. Here's the Snook showing off his new red trousers. RED TROUSERS.

Breakfast in Lagrange - click to enlargeBreakfast in Lagrange. (One of the waitresses at the diner was in my graduating class. That was slightly awkward.)

Bazinga - click to enlargeBazinga. Man, I love Indiana in the summertime.

Snookums and Tucker - click to enlargeOne night we had dinner at my brother and his wife Kara's house. Here's Snookums with their beagle Tucker.

Me and Mason - click to enlargeMe and Mason. What a cutie!

Dad and Isaiah - click to enlargeDad and Isaiah.

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USA Trip 2010
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