USA Trip - July 17 - August 7, 2010

Me and Snookums

We joined Dad and Cindy on a pub crawl in Syracuse. Here's me and Snookums at our first stop, the Huntington Street Bar & Grill. Great food!

Dad and Cindy

Here's Dad and Cindy.

On the boat

Anthony took us out on his boat on Lake Wawasee. Beautiful day for it!

Snookums on the boat

Snookums on the boat.

Dad and Isaiah on the boat

Dad and Isaiah on the boat.

Snookums and his bass!

Back at the house, Snookums caught a fish! He caught a delicious bass!

Us and the Madison Capitol Building

Finally it was time to say goodbye to Indiana and head north. After a long drive that led us straight through Chicago and out the other side, we ended up in Madison, Wisconsin. Here we are with the Capitol Building.

Snookums at the Old Fashioned

Max had highly recommended dinner at The Old Fashioned, so that's where we went! Here's the Snook enjoying a burger.

Me at the Old Fashioned

I went for the sausage. So good!

Snookums at the Great Dane

While we were in the city, we decided to check out the Great Dane Brew Pub as well. Only Snookums partook of the beer, but he enjoyed it.

The pool at the HOTR Inn

Our hotel was the House on the Rock Inn. Their pool area was CRAZY! We finished the night in the hot tub.

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