Trip to Victoria

Arthur's SeatTrip to Victoria
There was no Jamie Oliver post this past weekend… because we went to Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula! Eileen had been trying to get us down there for ages, so we figured it was finally time to go. We flew out on Friday night and back on Monday night, and in between we managed to experience: Fitzroy hipsters, Melbourne shopping, blindfolded Rubik’s cube solvers, a lighthouse, Bass Strait, many wineries, a “cheesery”, and a couple beer halls. It was a great little jam-packed mini-break. Photos are here. Thanks for hosting us, RT!

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  1. Great photos! I’m glad you guys were up for the trip to the peninsula- it’s become my favorite spot in the area. I do feel bad that you had to drive us to all of the wineries…next time I’ll drive! Okay, that’s a lie- I’ll hire a driver 🙂

  2. Snook looks so cool in his cable jumper/sweater/whatever. And so warm. And probably hot too, if he’s your type. 🙂

  3. He was going to take the Hipster Cardy but reckoned it was cold enough for the Starmore. 🙂

  4. Looks like you both had fun Kris and I loved all the photos 🙂 …and the snook looks very cool wearing cables 😉

  5. I love the fact that you’re both wearing your lovely knits in the kissy picture. xxx

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