Favorited today on Twitter

Favorited today on Twitter:

  • caitlinmoran: A brilliant, logical, compassionate piece of writing – "Why My Mother Should Have Aborted Me" (via @LucyMangan): http://t.co/kZlDTv5b
  • smh: World News: Top Scrabble player draws a blank by cheating http://t.co/gzyJXyGh
  • redditflipboard: TIL that there is a mathematical formula that when graphed, produces an image of the formula … http://t.co/ehJRDIkh #reddit #flipboard
  • johnallsopp: just came across @stillalivehq, a really great looking (Australian!) service for automated web site testing https://t.co/TQ1ldOjV

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  1. Did I tell you I bought Cailtlin Moran’s book on your recommendation? Thought it was great.

  2. Oh nice! I haven’t even finished it yet. Only halfway through.

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