Oscar Contest Winner

Oscar Contest Winner
Congratulations to Jeremy Cropf, who won the big prize in this year’s Oscar Contest! Jeremy tied with five others for first place with 13 out of 14 correct: Allison Kucera, Dan Vogel, Gerri Kuhn, Gordon Purcell, and Preston Nicholson. It all came down to the dead people in the obituary montage though, and with a guess of 43 (the real number was 41), Jeremy won! It turns out this was his first year entering, and he’s an NYU film school grad working as an independent filmmaker and freelancer in Portland. (Yep, this is him!) Very cool – and congratulations, Jeremy!

Thanks to everybody who entered this year. And if you think of any sock monkey concepts throughout 2013, be sure to send them to me…


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  1. You know One Direction is putting out a concert movie this year – in 3D yet.

  2. HAHAHAHAHA. That would certainly pull in a different audience! 🙂

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