• knitterjp: @web_goddess @randomknits @redambition @sharre and other simplicity $4.99 paper and download
  • knitterjp: @web_goddess @randomknits @redambition @sharre and they have Burda download $3.99
  • knitterjp: Ping @web_goddess @randomknits @redambition @sharre http://t.co/ZLIFBlbkQY has Simplicity It’s so easy @$1.99 download & paper
  • nomnompaleo: Pork Belly Burger: a slab of pork belly on top of a grass fed beef burger patty. http://t.co/0ur8XtrAQb http://t.co/0tjJxE9tct
  • runmarcusrun: RT @themattylee: What temperature of water do I dump on my head to get people to stop shooting black kids?
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